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Real results.

Foster teamwork, culture and
recognition to boost productivity.

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Your connectivity and teamwork hub.

Great things happen when teams are connected and communicating. Ideas flow freely, employees bond together, and productivity goes up. That’s what Social is all about.
Boost Teamwork and Collaboration

Increase productivity

Share information across teams, keep everyone in sync, and improve employee performance.

Strengthen teamwork

Post comments and start discussions. Work together effectively as a team.

Support innovation

Social lets employees share thoughts and ideas. The modern internal social networking platform promotes dialogue and makes communication fun.


A true team-building app.

Give your team a fun and easy way to store important info about colleagues, discover shared interests and build relationships.
Take advantage of Cloud Technology

Centralize employee data

Manage data and create consistent employee reports.

Promote social collaboration

Help your team connect with each other and build friendships. Make interactions more personal and support teamwork.

Let your culture thrive

Company culture is made of people. Reinforce your culture by letting employees showcase their stories.


Get your team pumped about recognition.

Kudos is all about stimulating high fives and props around the office. It’s employee recognition & social engagement software that increases morale and motivates employees to do their best.
Make Employee Recognition Easy

Boost employee engagement

Built-in social capabilities let your team not only recognize one another, but also share, comment, and back staff recognition.

Support a culture of recognition

Kudos gives your team powerful tools to appreciate one another and let company culture thrive.

Impact bottom line

Kudos makes teams and employees feel valued which increases productivity and impacts bottom line.


Start off on the right foot. Everytime.

Onboard enables new hires to become more productive from their first day on the job by streamlining new hire paper work, processes, and training.
Streamline Your Onboard Process

Move to paperless process

New hires can digitally sign forms with their mouse and complete I9 and W4 forms online in minutes.

Promote culture

Communicate your organization’s mission and values to new hires.

Build online forms

Create and assign forms to specific employees, groups, and departments.