HR Cloud is a modern and powerful cloud-based HRMS solution, including core and onboarding HR software.


A True Team-Building App

Give your team a fun and easy way to store important info about colleagues, discover shared interests and build relationships.
Get Directory. It’s free. 

Get Connected

Help your team connect with each other and build friendships. Make interactions more personal and support teamwork.

Put a Face to the Name

Your company is made of unique personalities. Let each employee shine and get to know coworkers as professionals and individuals.

Let Your Culture Thrive

Company culture is made of people. Reinforce your culture by showcasing employees. Directory lets employees share their stories and highlight what makes your company diverse.



Your Entire Workforce At A Glance

Provide end-to-end HR solutions with one HRMS platform that is configured to meet your company’s human resource management needs. Access and manage employee information anywhere via the cloud with Core HR software.
Take Advantage of Cloud Technology


Centralize Employee Data

Manage data and create consistent employee reports.

Promote Social Collaboration

Allow ongoing feedback with your employees.

Ensure Security

Protect employee and company privacy.



Start Off On The Right Foot. Every time.

Streamline new hire paperwork processes and training and reduce cycle time from days to minutes with HR Cloud’s onboarding software. Our human resources software saves you time and effort while enhancing company culture.
Strengthen Your Onboard Process

Go Paperless With Digital Signatures and Forms

Employees can sign forms, including W-4, I-9, direct deposit, parking, and more.

New Employee Portal

Create and brand your own onboarding portal that guides employees through the new hire process.

Create Custom Forms

Assign forms to specific employees, set required fields and approval routing.